Strawberry and raspberry picking at Kathan’s Homestead Berries in Wisconsin

A few months ago, we took advantage of the time of year and picked raspberries from a farm called Kathan’s Homestead Berries (here in Minnesota). I found on Instagram that this farm was very close to home and opened the place at the time of harvesting raspberries, strawberries and pumpkins (Hello Halloween). It was a raspberry season, the markets were cool, but I wanted to have a new experience. So we had some time off and the weather helped we went to the farm to enjoy the fruits of the season.

We were so lucky, the weather was great, not too cold, not too hot, the farm was very empty. An employee directed us to the area where we should pick the fruits. Just like on jabuticabas farms (I’m from Brazil, right?), You can eat as you like while you reap the rewards and pay for whatever you take home. We loved the experience and recorded the moment.

After that, we returned to the farm to pick strawberries and buy pumpkins for Halloween decorations. To our surprise the farm was very full and the weather was very hot so we didn’t enjoy the experience as much as the first time, but the fruits were delicious and sweet. In the end, it was worth it.

Recently we moved in and to our surprise our neighbor has a raspberry plantation and has already warned us that we can pick raspberries whenever we want. Do I need to say I already love this neighbor? If you are here in the United States, late summer and early fall is worth researching farms that offer this fruit picking program. The experience of picking fresh fruit from the foot is super cool and the fruits are delicious. In addition, you can also find apple plantations, blueberries and various other delights.

-Delicious and fun! 🙂