Does Dry Brushing Work?

Fall has begun here in the United States, temperatures are falling and the gale has already begun. As a result of the change of season, our skin’s protective barrier suffers at this time, it is common for the skin to become drier, flaking, to avoid the effects of climate on the skin, many people are adapting their skincare. Due to the skincare trend, an exfoliation technique has become popular, dry brushing, which is nothing more than a dry exfoliation technique, using a soft natural bristle brush or vegetable loofah to remove dead cells.

What are the benefits?

Dry exfoliation is ideal for those with rough skin after consistent application the skin becomes smoother and brighter.

How to Dry-Brush

Exfoliation should be done before showering and preferably from the bottom up. That is, start at the feet, and proceed to the heart, all this in a circular motion. Take it easy, brush the brush lightly, without putting too much pressure, so you won’t hurt your skin. After exfoliation, you can take your shower naturally and whip some moisturizing skin care.

The most convenient time for dry brushing is in the morning before showering. I prefer dry scrub my skin maximum 3 times a week. I do not want to overdo. The skin is a sensory organ, so it is not worth overdo and getting the skin irritated or burning.

The Best Dry Brushes

You will need a natural bristle brush (which is firm but with soft bristles). If you prefer a synthetic bristle brush for the price, apply it with less pressure not to hurt the skin.