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Life is a prototype and it is time to iterate Everyone goes through different phases in life and I am not different. I’ve been through a lot in my almost 30 years of life. I moved to another country, learned a new language, fell in love with someone who lived more than 4000 miles away. My work

Hoop Earrings: Circling Through Time

I got my first pairs of earrings and had a collection of gold earrings waiting for me. I’ve worn earrings ever since. I always getting dressed in the morning and choosing my earrings of the day. For me, gold hoop earrings were always a classic. Just later on, I learned that hoop earrings are part of my identity as a Latina woman.


with the blooming of skincare comes the challenge of sorting through an almost infinite of products available out there. I often find myself often checking out beauty product reviews on youtube or on Influenster by real people (read not sponsored) to discover what is just a hype and what is a score. That's why I rounded up what I believe are the best skin care products of 2019. So, let's dive into it.